Top 5- Art Supply Retailers

Today I thought I would share my top five list of art supply retailers. I have purchased from all of these places personally, and been a happy customer.

1. Daniel Smith: They have online and brick and mortar stores. They have everything fine arts related. I love going to the Seattle and Redmond store when I am in the area. I also like getting their catalog, because they include lots of art in the pages, which is a great source of inspiration.

2.Dick Blick: Blick also has online and brick and mortar, and they recently opened a Seattle Store. Blick has more student-grade options for supplies than Daniel Smith, so if you want to try a technique on a lower price-point, Blick is a great place to start. They offer teacher discounts, and catalogs as well.

3. JetPens: I've given JetPens a ton of love on here, and it is because if you need a pen, they have it. Those Uni-Ball Signo white pens that can be difficult to find? They've got them. Want to try a different white pen? They've got a ton.  I believe the right pen can enhance your handwriting, so its worth it to spend some time finding the right one.

4. Artco Crafts: This is my local arts and crafts store. Unfortunately, they do not have online sales. I'm including it because there is not really an art supply store in Tacoma, except Tacoma Community College and University (of Washington) bookstores. Artco has a little of everything, given the size it is pretty surprising.

5. Michaels: I struggled with the 5th choice because it really isn't insightful, but when you need canvas or sketchbooks on the cheap, the coupons help. I prefer Michaels to Joanns, which is funny because ten years ago I preferred J's.

Do you have a favorite supplier I missed?



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