Journaling- 25 great prompts

We all get "it".  It goes by many names:
-Lost my mojo
- (insert yours here)

Journaling prompts are a good way to get away from "it", whether scrapbooking, painting, journaling, sketching, or writing. Prompts take away everything so you can focus on something.
At one point, I had a great philosophical conversation about limitations, and how limitations lead to choice easier than limitlessness does. At first, I disagreed. He then pointed out that it is far easier to do something if the parameters are small. For example, deciding on dinner plans. With no parameters, you can be deciding what city, even what country. Add one parameter, in our town. Simpler, but depending on the size of your town, it could still be hundreds of places. Add another, price, then cuisine. Once you narrow it down to a Mexican place in your local area, it gets pretty simple to choose.

The journaling prompt is a way to get the mind away from everything but focused on something.  Here are 25 of my favorites:

1. Simple pleasures (what minor thing makes you happy? why?)
2. Favorite songs (what do they mean to you? what are the lyrics?)
3. Right now.. (reading, wearing, watching, doing, planning?)
4. Secret wish (what are you hoping for that you haven't shared?)
5. In this moment (what is it about right now? what are you doing? your child? your family?)
6. A typical day (right now typical is something that becomes fascinating in 10-20 years, like prices: 15 years ago I paid $.98/gallon for gas, $.99 for a 6-inch sub at Subway)
7. Favorite things (what do you love? why?)
8. My town (what is unique about where you live?)
9. I love you (who do you love? what do you appreciate about them?)
10. Frustrations (what is bothering you right now?)
11. A special meal (what did you make? why? for whom?)
12. Lazy day (what do you do on days you have no plans?)
13. Funnies (what does your family do that makes you laugh?)
14. Traditions (what quirky things do you *have* to do? We always watch fireworks from a hill on Fridays when the minor league baseball team plays at home on Fridays.)
15. The yard/house/porch (how does it change through the seasons?)
16. Friends (who are your buds? off line? online? What do you do?)
17. Top 10- (songs, movies, restaurants, whatever!)
18. Hangouts- (what does your space look like, where do you go?)
19. Collections- (what do you collect, where do you get them?)
20. Small trips- (do you go to the park, the zoo, the beach?0
21. Meals- (breakfast, picnic, BBQ, hurried dinner)
22. Your To-Do list
23. Rituals- (do you run? drink coffee? tea? what must you do, for you?)
24. Pieces of you- (what roles do you play? how do you see yourself in each one)
25. Finish a sentence
-If only...
-One time...
-Everyday I...
-At night...
-Afternoons are
-Rain makes me...

Hope this list gives you some ideas. I've included layouts and drawings that have been inspired by ideas like this list of prompts.



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