5 Random Things

I love lists. Lists help keep me sane when life gets crazy. I love them even more when they are just for fun.

My five random things are little parts of my life right now, where I am, who I am, and who I would like to be. I am happy to share my list with you.

1. I like bluegrass cover songs.
Correction, I LOVE them. My current favorite is "Picking on Modest Mouse". I cannot stop listening to the picking on series. It reminds me of being young and the guitars coming out and sing alongs happening. I wish I played guitar, or could sing. Luckily, I can listen to picking on.

2. I'm going back to college.
My life has rewound to a few moons ago. I am working blocks from where I was, accepted to where I went, and stressing over financial aid. It is eerily similar, familiar, and odd. 

3. I usually feel like a hot mess.
Is that normal? I feel like its not. Adulting is something I have not really figured out although the clock keeps ticking. Were all the adults in my life faking it? I wonder if the myth of the new feminist is part of it. You can't have it all. You can have parts of it all, but eventually you have to lower your standards, or pay for someone to pick up some of the slack. And I don't like housework, so I find other things to fill time (see #2).

4. I love Tacoma.
When I interviewed for my program the interviewer asked about my earlier college, and stated "Well you haven't gone far". I haven't. I grew up in the south, so I have lived other places. However, I stayed close. It is gorgeous here. Drive 2 hours and you are in the mountains, or at the ocean. A win either way. If I thought leaving would help me find myself, I might be more interested, but now, I am here.

5. I want a Jeep to play in.
Mountains (see #4). 

SWAT challenges you to try your hand at 5 random things. We all took a different take. Take a look, and link up for a great prize!