Art Journal- Hope Grows

The past couple of weeks have been just nuts in our house. Major things keep breaking. My husband's car is in a gazillion pieces in the driveway as he rebuilds the engine. (Thank goodness he is a tech).

I have learned to not say "What next". I have also learned to try and see the little blessings in it all. It's been a string of awful luck, or circumstance, but we have had some good luck too.  Hubby's a tech, so the car will be fixed and brand new (mechanically). We had some help with the furnace getting fixed. No one was hurt in the accident that took out my car mirror.

Yes, I'm tired. Yes, I kind of want to cry. Yes, I need it to all stop. Yes, I am okay. Because my hope grows.



  1. So beautiful V. Vibrant colors.

  2. Gorgeous Venetia! I'd love to. Know how you get something from your brain to that. Do you have an end result or does it just progress. It is such a perfect piece for hope!