Product Review: Beacon 3 in 1 Glue

I scrapbooked almost 10 years without glue. When I started, I was introduced to the hobby through Creative Memories, and I followed their archival quality suggestions stringently for quite a long time, which excluded the use of glue.

I was introduced at CKC Seattle, when I assisted at the Quick Quotes booth.  Their make and take used the Beacon 3 in 1, and I was a quick convert. The glue is immediately tacky, but repositionable, which I like, because it doesn't destroy a page or project if you change your mind.

My favorite use is to glue down Thickers. They "say" that Thickers (and pretty much any adhesive letters) are adhesive, however my experience is that they only adhere if I either A.) drop them on the page accidentally or B.) placed them in the most crooked way possible. My layouts would end up in albums with titles missing letters all jumbled at the bottom of the page protector. Now, I just add a little to the back, and they happily stay put. This glue is not super wet, so it does not wrinkle paper. It can get a little stringy, like cheese on a pizza, but it cleans up nicely. After a lot of use, it globs up on the cap, but a wipe with a baby wipe fixes it.

Last year, I used hot glue on the science fair board for the letters, and they kept popping off the board. This year, I used the Beacon 3 in 1 and they stayed attached through the trip there and home, even though a second grader carried it about.

Does not wrinkle paper
Cost Under $6

Dries on the lid, but this is an easy fix
You have to cut tip yourself
Can get stringy

Overall Rating: 4/5


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