SWAT- No Twist Just a Sketch

It is time for another challenge over at SWAT! This time, it is a sketch. No special twist, other than whatever you do to make it your own.

For my go at the sketch, I decided to go a little different direction and switch up the shapes in some of the layers. I love that with a sketch, you can use it as a blueprint, or more of a menu to customize.

This layout was a hard one, as it is a photo from my father's memorial. Using a sketch helped me keep the focus on the feeling I wanted through paper choice and titles. I have a hard time with the photos of this event, so they are slowly being done one-by-one when one speaks to me.

Of course, SWAT has a little motivation to get you started....
FaberCastell Gelatos Designer Colors 4 pc. Tropical
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Monday's List- Documentaries

Lately, I have been watching documentaries on Netflix. There is something I find compelling and inspiring about documentaries. I find that documentaries hit me at an emotional level that feature films do not.  Here are five of my favorite:

1. Shut Up Little Man: From terrible neighbors to a viral phenomenon. The absurdity of the relationship between roommates is complelling and unbelievable.

Who should watch this? Anyone with less-than-delicate sensitivites interested in human relationships, viral media, or hilarious arguments.

2. Dear Zachary: A man's memoir created for his murdered best friend's son turns into a heartwrenching documentation of the aftermath. The filmmaker inadverently takes the audience on a devastaing journey that will haunt the viewer. Have tissue nearby.

Who should watch this? True-Crime show lovers.

3. Best Worst Movie This documentary answers all the questions that late-night TV watching brings. How does a terrible movie get made? Do the people in the movie know that it is terrible? What happens to terrible actors?

Who should watch this? Movie afficainados, anyone who needs a laugh.

4. Brother's Keeper: Impoverished, poorly educated farmers living in squalor struggle with the accusation that their oldest brother was murdered by Delbert, one of the younger brothers.

Who should watch this? Redneck-reality show lovers, anyone interested in human relationships.

5. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth: An exploration of the failure of a low-income housing project in St. Louis. The film explores the social changes that caused the literal implosion of this post-war modernist housing effort. Pruitt-Igoe is cited in anti-social welfare as an example of government programs being ineffective. The issues around Pruitt-Igoe highlight how gaps in legislation can cause the failure of social programs.

Who should watch? Those interested in social justice, or equality issues. Anyone interested in mid-century social trends.

What are your favorite documentaries? Share with me!


Throwback Thursday

This is a picture of my oldest at 6 months. Her eyes were always so perfect. She has huge eyeballs, and perfectly painted eyebrows. I adored when she looked up at me. Today, she still melts my heart looking up at me with those sweet baby blues. The pink bink is so perfect in this picture, she spent most of her first year rocking a Playtex Binky. Those things were like gold to find, so we would stock up every time we found them.

SWAT Drill 27- Mixed Media

It's time for another SWAT challenge! This time, get mixed up in mixed media. Whether it is your first go or you are a seasoned pro, we want to see your creations! As always, if you share with us,  you're entered into the drawing for our monthly prize!

For my go, I created a canvas. I started with decoupage, using Collage Pauge to adhere some My Minds Eye and Authentique paper to create a base. I used Golden Acrylic fluid paints to create a color wash with Golden Fluid Medium. I chose to work with a basic printers pallet of Magenta, true Yellow, and Cyan.  I like this combination because it mixes into vibrant, clear colors. 

I hand designed the lettering, and added it onto the washed base. After, I used plastic wrap to add layers of acrylic over the elements. I added the circle using a Derwent Inkentense Pencil in Charcoal. Gesso was added with a Tim Holtz stamp. Then, I used a sequin mask to create depth. Finally, I added the hand cut heart and added the Charcoal outline. 
To link up your work, go to SWAT!