Product Review: Ohto Fude Ball Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen

The Ohto Fude Ball Liquid Ink Rollerball pen is a fun pen for sketching, artwork, and crafting. They were designed as a rollerball alternative for decorative envelopes given out in Japan. This, This, and This  are great blog posts explaining traditions with gorgeous examples. Typically, these are decorated with a brush pen, but the Ohto is supposed to give a brush look to a rollerball. This pen is a very thick 1.5mm, and the ink is dark black.

I wouldn't suggest this for anything but an art/craft pen. It gives beautiful lines, but it is so large that you really wouldn't want to use it for an everyday pen, unless you write extra large. To give perspective, I tend to write pretty large, and it was too bold for me for daily use, and I rarely say that about pens.

Pros: The ink flows nicely, and I think the lines are gorgeous. 

Cons: I dislike the grip on the pen, but it is fine for artistic and occasional use.

Rating: 4/5


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