Borrowed Inspiration- Kristy Lee

When I flipped through my scrapbook of recent layouts, I was scared I was getting a little too comforatable and not trying new techniques, so I asked a few scrappy friends  to challenge me with one of their layouts. The first to step up was Kristy Lee. Kristy is with Kiwi Lane Designs, and is probably the most prolific scrapbook sketch designer I know. Plus, she is gorgeous, and to top it all off, nice, so I can't help but adore her. She challenged me to use her "Hands" layout as an inspiration piece. It is a gorgeous layout she did celebrating her daughter, with some really impressive journaling.  One thing I love about Kristy's layouts is she always tells the story, which is something important to me. 

Since Kristy is so well known for sketches, I used that as a starting point for my layout. This one was a difficult one to start because it was way outside of my style. The colors, the circles, pretty much everything was not me.

I decided to pick pink as my background, and work with the contrast that Kristy created with her layout. This is the adapted result. I made sure to include some journaling that told my little "Queen's" story.

I had a ton of fun doing this borrowed inspiration layout, and I can't wait to start on another one.



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