Product Review- Pigma Sensi Manga Drawing Set

I picked up the Pigma Sensi Manga Drawing Set from, and I am surprised how often I pick up this set. It includes eight pieces:

.07 Mechanical Pencil
.3 Fine tip pen
.4 BulletTip Pen
.6 Fiber tip marker
1.0 Fiber tip Marker
1.0 Chisel tip
2.0 Chisel Tip
3.0 Chisel tip


Somehow I managed to destroy the .3 Fine Tip Marker. My favorites in the pack are the .6 and 1.0 Fiber tip markers. I use them for lining artwork, and enhancing dark lines.

The mechanical pencil is a standard mechanical pencil, with a drafting feel. The pens have a dark black line, and are sturdy except the .3, which would be delicate in any brand. I've used them with great success in mixed media projects, and they mark well over multiple surfaces. The ink is archival safe, and surprisingly there is no bleed through despite the dark lines.

The full set is under $20 at
Overall Rating 4/5


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