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As I have shared, life's been messy lately, so I was incredibly grateful for the S.W.A.T. Sketch. It was the perfect opportunity to scrap a couple of pictures of me goofing around when we were fixing the car.

I added doodling to the sketch because it is a trend I'm glad to see coming back.

Play too at:

How To'sday!

Check it out!!! I had anothe guest post on! Yay me!!!
Hi everyone! Venetia Holbrook here, with an inexpensive way to mask your layouts for mists. I am all about saving money, because then I have more to spend on ScrapbookSteals. I used the tip I am going to share on this layout of my daughter.

How To Masking Image Layout

Growing up, every tissue box had to be covered. All of my relatives had handmade plastic needlework covers of varying designs. It was unseemly to have a nude tissue box. Imagine what the neighbors would think! My tissue box is inappropriately dressed, but the memory of these covers sparked an idea for me.

I looked at the plastic webbing used for this type of needlepoint, and I found there were pre-cut shapes available for less than $1.

I chose to use this circle shape.

How To Masking Image 1

tip: I kept the tag on mine, but it snips right off. If you leave it on, make sure it is off the page or the area sprayed will be tag shaped too.

Place your plastic mesh on the paper.

How To Masking Image 2

Spray to your heart’s content. When you are done spraying, you can rinse the mist right off the mesh in the sink. Dry the mesh off, and it is ready to use again.

How To Masking Image 3

tip: Make sure you know if your mist is water soluble. If it is, and you let the mist dry on the mesh, it will run and muddy your colors if you use another mist on it.

Mixing colors and re-placing the mat does create some fun effects, like this background.

How To Masking Image 4

I really hoped you liked this How To’s. There are other shapes of mesh available, so have fun playing with mists. Here is the final effect again.

How To Masking Image Layout

Thanks for reading!

Photos- Lucky me

 I brought my oldest with me on our visit yesterday. I looked down, and she is looking at me like this. At that moment, there was nothing more I needed. I know my youngest gets a lot of love on this blog, but my oldest is something amazing. She has an understanding of my heart that floors me every time.
I was very lucky that she was there. She turned a frustrating time into a joy. She is my sunshine. I have never met anyone who is so emapthetic, sweet and good in their heart. Not that she's perfect, but her naughty falls on the side of dumb ideas, and in-the-moment poor decisions. Thanks for helping me cakes. ~Venetia

Atomic Project... Life gets in the way

For the past few weeks I have been sharing my Atomic Project, a seven week journey exploring creative realizations I have made. Facing these truths made a huge impact on the creative direction in my life. 

Life got a little in the way. I am doing a lot of this with my dad:

Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon. If you haven't read the first two weeks, they are linked here:

3. Ask the right questions
4. Reach out to others
5. Find you

Here is what I do killing time in the hospital. ~Venetia

Kiwi Lane Blog Hop Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who hopped along with Kiwi Lane. I had so much fun working with the Bracket Designer Templates. Now that the hop is over, it is time to announce the winner of my giveaway.
First, the list:

Congratulations Mary!!!
Keep an eye on your email for a Kiwi Lane Designs $25 gift code!

Thank you all so much. It was great fun!


Kiwi Lane Designs- May Blog Hop!!

Hooray! Hooray! It's the third of May, which means it is time for the Kiwi Lane Blog Hop! I am lucky enough to be the first hop after the Kiwi Lane Blog. If you are new here, welcome! I'm Venetia, and I make stuff!

I got to play with the Brackets Designer Template for my go at the blog hop, and I am so excited to share my scrapbooking ideas with you.

The Brackets Designer templates are a great multi-use tool. I am pretty particular about my supplies, I like to be able to get a lot of use out of tools. For this blog hop I created a layout, a mini-album, and a Mixed-Media Canvas using the Brackets. I can also see using them in the future as misting masks, card templates, and for creating custom gift bags.

For the layout, I used the Bracket and Scallops designer templates. Using the Kiwi Lane templates helped to tie together these papers from different collections into a fun layout celebrating my oldest and her missing front tooth. I especially like how the layering adds dimension to the layout.

For my youngest, I decided to make a mini. I used all three brackets templates to design the mini.

I traced the templates on plain chipboard and added straight lines to the middle templates to elongate them so they would fit a picture.

Then, I cut the chipboard, and covered it using papers in my daughter's favorite colors and patterns.

For the embellishments, I made sure that I had a ton of flowers, sparkles, and ribbon. My youngest loves frilly, sparkly things, and using the templates was the perfect way to make a mini fit for my little princess.

This mini is her new favorite book. She loves looking at her pictures and telling me what she is doing in each.

Finally, I integrated brackets into art journaling, and created an art journaling canvas using the bracket and scallops templates. The templates definitely added great touches to the final project, I love how they worked for the brackets around the heart.


Kiwi Lane is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate for the Kiwi Lane Shop to a random commenter from one of the participating blogs. I am adding to the fun and giving away a different $25 Kiwi Lane gift card to a random follower of my blog!  So if you aren't a follower now, join the fun so you can be entered by using the Google Connect or Networked blogs widgets.

Next, I am so incredibly happy to send you off to the wonderfully talented Heather Conklin. I love her dearly, and she is amazingly talented. All the stops have really done amazing things for the Kiwi Lane Hop, so have fun hopping!
Kiwi Lane Blog Hop Lineup--------

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This is what I do.

Hi! I'm Venetia. I do a ton of stuff here at Atomic Venetia.

I make altered items like this

I make art like this.

 I share my sketchbook like this.
 I share scrapbook sketches like this.
 I art journal like this.

 I review products and books like this.

 I make tutorials like this.

 This is me. I make stuff and write about stuff.

I like to think I am pretty cool, but I have a couple of minis that keep me in my place. See how unimpressive I am to her? She knows I am goofy, clumsy, and silly. If you aren't a follower of my blog, please join. I'd love the company.

~Take Care


Just saying...

Atomic Project- Creative Critical Friends

Today I am sharing the second of the creative realizations I have made. Facing these truths made a huge impact on the creative direction in my life. All work featured in this post included creative collaboration with friends.

This week:
1. Do the work
2. Find a group of critical friends
3. Ask the right questions
4. Reach out to others
5. Find you