Book Review: Art Journal Freedom

I just finished reading Art Journal Freedom  by Dina Wakley. The book is a thorough introduction to art journaling. She begins by sharing her favorite supplies, and then explores an art concept each chapter with examples, challenges, and technique how to's.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. I found it to be a useful resource and I learned about some new techniques I have not tried.

Her writing style is accessible, and she is detailed in her explanations and instructions. If you are familiar with the elements of design and the principles of design, there isn't anything groundbreaking in the book, however Wakley does a great job of constructing and deconstructing the concepts to give the reader an idea of how they work. If you are interested in learning some design concepts, this is a well presented introduction.

She shares her techniques and offers step-by-step instructions on how she created pages. There are a variety of techniques shared, and a person who feels like they cannot draw would be able to create art journal pages inspired by the book.

The book is loaded with full color images, and is beautiful. Overall, I think it was a good read. This is a great starting point for people interested in Art Journaling. If you are more familiar with it, you may find this to be a helpful inspiration piece, with challenges in each chapter.



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