Mini me and a camera.

I find the world through the eyes of a three-year old fascinating. Budgie stole my iPhone and figured out the camera. This resulted in an epic string of photos that gives a glimpse into her little world.  When my oldest did this, her subject was herself.  My youngest seems to have a broader view of her world. First, her frog. It is important, therefore it is thrown on the floor.  Her first photo.

There are only a few dozen pictures of her finger. This one is the best. It has completely covered the lens, and has transformed the photo into a postmodern exploration of light and redness. Or, it's just a picture of a three- year old's finger. Believe me, this is the cutest finger of which you will ever enjoy an extreme close-up.

 Cooper, or Coop-ah, or Coop-de-boop, depending on which person is calling him. A little girl's dog is very important. Enough so to get a portrait, without a finger, and nearly in focus. I'd argue, but he's a good dog and puts up with Budgie, even humoring her at some points. He deserved recognition, even if it is only a photo, and he would prefer a cookie.
The finger returns. This time to frame the fire, which is another item among the littlest's favorite things. She loves it on, even in the summer, which is always a fun argument to have. She pretty much refuses to get dressed in the morning unless it is going, which I can't blame her for. She changes in front of it for the warmth. I need one by the shower.

Everyone needs a good picture of  Lion, her best friend. The finger is in full view on this one. She loves to feel his ears, which are sort of velvety. She drags him everywhere in the car, and tells me all about how much lion loves me. It seems appropriate he got immortalized on the phone. He is kind of cute.  I like his little eyeballs. They're sweet, in a plastic toy sort of way.
I rated a photo!! It always makes me feel special when I rate among important things to my girls. I was graced with the finger as well. I also had to laugh that she caught me playing with art supplies. I suppose that isn't difficult, but the fact that she immortalized it is sweet to me.  I hope you liked this glimpse into my three year-olds world.
The artist. She looks so sweet, right? You can see why I would get suckered into letting her get a hold of my phone and living to tell about it, right??  That is, until you meet wild woman below. She shows up and just runs the place. Wild woman gets what she wants.  She takes after her mama.  ~Venetia


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