Scrapbook Sketch- Sisters and Friends

I love my two girls. They are so silly together. From the very beginning, they have been the best of friends. Cakes always would sing and talk to Budgie, and as they grew they played more and more. Before Budgie could walk, she always managed to be with her sister, and we couldn't figure out how. Finally, one day I caught Cakes dragging Budgie across the hardwood floor by her foot while she sat. I was both appalled and proud of her. Luckily, Budgie was laughing the whole way, so it clearly was a mutual arrangement between the two.

Now, they are constant companions, and Budgie follows Cakes around doing whatever she is told. Occasionally, she puts her foot down, and gets her way. Together, they make my home such a joyous place.

This layout celebrates them together. I love them each dearly alone, but something about the two of them together as they banter and play is just amazing. I snapped these photos after Cake's holiday concert at school, at Mc Donalds, where we always stop for ice cream after evening school events.

I wanted the layout to feel fun and happy like my girls.



  1. I love this one too Venetia! Your girls are so sweet. A wonderful tribute to their relationship!