Urban Grunge Heart

I like mixed media, mostly because I can make up the rules as I go.  This project started as an idea adapted from some Artist Trading Cards that I created a few months ago.

I found the heart premade at Artco Crafts, my local craft store.  I like Artco because it is locally owned and has an amazing mixture of products available. I also bought the shrink plastic, Collage Pauge, and  Faber-Castel Pitt Pens at Artco.

This project mixed combined decoupage, shrinky dinks, colored pencil, and scrapbooking techniques. 

A drawing for loss

Being a mother, an adult, a reasonable person, the events in Sandy Brook cut close to the heart.

Like many, I am feeling helpless, unable to protect my children, and at a loss for words. I started a drawing, to deal with the emotions and energy. Here is the base sketch. The subject is an empty pair of a child's shoes.

Pure Joy- Layout Sketch

I interpreted this sketch of mine using Authentique Carefree, and I was especially happy with this version.  My youngest girl usually sneers at the camera, or glares.  Something about having to "act" happy in a picture is not her style at all. 

This is one of the first photos I have taken of her where I was able to catch her face of joy.  I was so glad to capture it, that even though her face is a mess, it is my favorite photo of her.

Full Disclosure: Authentique Carefree
was provided to me for a Guest design on Scrapbooksteals.com

We were on the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, and it was a gorgeous sunny day, but very cold.  The girls would go out on deck until they were freezing, come inside the seating area until they warmed up, and then go back out.  Budgie thought this was so much fun. She was in love with everything about the ferry. 

Drawing Gratitude

In November, many people focused on 30 days of gratitude, and I chose to do the same. Each day, I created a sketch of something for which I was grateful.  I’m going to share my list, and why I chose some of my items, as well as a few of my favorites.

I am grateful (for):

My pen collection- thanks mostly to finding jetpens.com and ordering $25 to get free shipping