Throwback Thursday

Oh my. This throwback is all sorts of awesome. I am so rocking those sunglasses. Where did I even get sunglasses and a purse? What did I put in said purse? I'm like 14 or something here. I look properly vampire pale, since I had acclimated to the Pacific Northwest. Look at that rad shirt my mom is rocking, I am positive there are sequins on that bad boy. We are on a riverboat in New Orleans. I remember it was freaking hot, so I look appropriately wilted. 


Throwback Thursday

A sweet photo of my dad and his dog. I can't remember the dog's name, but I think it was Queen. This photo is a perfect reflection of his early life as a farm boy. Could those suspenders and hat be any cuter?


SWAT: Drill 24 Button up this Sketch!

This month, SWAT has an awesome sketch with a twist, buttons! I love buttons because I remember playing "Button, button who's got the button?" with my grandmother. Below, is the sketch, which you can link up to us for the chance at a SWAT prize pack.

Here is my go at the sketch:

Seriously! This is some gorgeous stuff! Get to linking! 

Mondays List- Humility

We all have our little secrets. There are some things at which I am incredibly terrible. What dumbfounds me is how "simple" these things are to other people.

1. Running
Seriously, if you see me running, you better run also. Something terrible must be going down. I feel like Phoebe on friends when I run. Also, it makes my teeth hurt. I thought that was odd until a lady at Starbucks said the same thing.

2. Doing math in my head
If you want to see an exercise in futility, ask me to do any calculation above the ones in my head. It blows my mind when the people I work with have the answer to 82 x 21 before I have gotten past 1 x 2 is...
Once, someone told me that this inability is akin to being a math illiterate adult. I wanted to argue the point, but I am pretty sure that other people don't view grocery shopping as a lottery system at the checkout. Thank goodness for price checkers at Macy's, or I'd never figure out what the $79 sweater costs at 60% off plus an additional 40% with a 15% bonus pass.

3. Pancakes
I cannot make a pancake to save my dear life. I have never made a golden, perfect pancake. Mine tend to look like wounded warriors. If they are golden and beautiful, they are raw on the inside, if they are cooked, they look like a Target bullseye.

4. Grace
I am the clumsiest being on earth. I don't have an ounce of grace in my body. If you ask my mom, it has been that way from birth. I dream of being one of those women that float across the room with dignity and grace, but I tend to look like a  mix of a drunk elephant and a newborn deer. My youngest is the opposite. Thank goodness. 

5. Makeup
I have no idea what I am doing. I've gotten lessons at the counter, looked at tutorial after tutorial, and read the inserts. I have one look that I can pull off, which is pretty much vampire. I cannot put together the soft, glowy look, or the barely-there look. Going to the grocery store? Vampire. Wedding? Vampire. A casual BBQ? Vampire.


Throwback Thursday

Another wintry throwback. This time, my oldest is more approving of the snow. For Western WA, this amount is typical. We get static from the real snow states for shutting down for so little, but usually there is a sheet of ice underneath or on top of the snow, making driving awful.


Monday's List- Inspiration

I love lists. Today, I am sharing a list of five things currently inspiring me. 

1. R. H. Shumway's Catalog
I love the vintage drawings in their catalog. This illustrated catalog is full of line drawings that are absolutely gorgeous, which a great bonus when flipping through to plan a spring garden in the winter weather. I get a little giddy every time this catalog arrives in the mail. It is a wonderful winter treat.

2. Local Vintage Neon
Tacoma has a ton of vintage neon signs that I drive past daily. Here are a few I love every time I see them. For no apparent reason, I especially adore the Tavern sign. Something about the arrows, the weathered look, and the simplicity of the sign just makes me happy. 

I feel lucky to see these reminders of the past daily. My grandparents ran a fishing lodge that had a neon sign, and I am pretty sure my love for neon started there.

This book is gorgeous. Vintage lettering has an elegant simplicity that I find beautiful. 

This art style from the turn of the century is ornate, and many images have women at the center stage. I find these images inspiring because of the ornate detail and layers in the images.

I am adoring the metal work from Clifton Metal Works. He creates, builds and paints each piece by hand. In person the works are just stunning. They mix a industrial vibe with whimsy. I have a Clifton heart that I am absolutely in love with. 

<This is mine!!! Love.


Throwback Thursday

Here is a little throwback for those of you stuck in the wintry mess east of here. My oldest, Addie was not remotely amused at her first introduction to snow. I'm guessing many of you are empathetic to her reaction.

Wednesday Wish- You are my sunshine

This art journal page is one I made for my oldest. "You Are My Sunshine" is my song for her. She is such a joyful child, always smiling. She knows this is her song, and she even has her own verse I made up. Making this page was a sweet reminder of what the moments singing this means to each other. I like how the greys mirror the Northwest, and give it a feel of our home. She immediately recognized the page as one for her. 

Dylusions Art Journal
Dylusions mists
Derwent Inktense Pencils
Daniel Smith Acrylics
Uniball black pen


SWAT: Drill 23

Hi everyone- SWAT is starting off the year with a new challenge, and this time, we want you to share your new year's inspiration. Did you make resolutions? Choose a phrase for the year? Do you have a word of the year? Link up a layout about it to the SWAT page for a chance to win this month's prize.

This particular challenge was tough for me, and I want to share my story for those of you in the same situation.