SWAT- FLOWER Challenge.

This week, SWAT has a fun challenge for you to try. The challenge is to make a layout that includes elements using the letters from the word "flower". Here is my go at the challenge.

F- Fussy Cutting
L- Lettering by hand
O- One photo
W- Washi
E- Enamel Dots
R- Ribbon

This is definitely a layout that didn't know what it wanted to be. I began with the lettering, which was part of a practice I was doing trying to improve my hand lettering skills. That sat about for several weeks, until I saw the yellow paper, and I knew that the two belonged together. Then, I fussy cut the yellow, green and white flowers, and arranged them around the circle. Again, the project sat because I was stuck. Then, I decided that my oldest on her first horseback ride was a good fit, so I added the photo, the background and the "in Life" to the original circle. At that point, I decided I had enough elements that fit the "FLOWER" theme that I decided to finish the layout. I added washi tape, enamel dots, and ribbon to round out the layout.

Of course Paper Secrets is still spronsoring this great prize pack for this month. To enter, upload your FLOWER creation to SWAT.



It is time for another SWAT Challenge! This time, we're playing bingo! I loved this challenge because I remember playing bingo and elementary school, and trying to win those cinnamon gummi bears.  I don't remember what we were learning, math or spelling words or something, but those bears. YUM!

For my turn at the challenge, I used column 2:
  1. Stars
  2. Stamp
  3. Four different manufacturers
  4. Modeling Paste
  5. Mist

I enjoyed the challenge of creating against the bingo card. I hope you like my go at the challenge, and play bingo as well. Remember to link to us at SWAT. This month, Paper Secrets has provided an awesome prize pack, so get to creating and linking.