Sketchbook peek- 13 Things

I've been using 13 a lot this year because well, it is 2013. I figure that I can dwell on the unluckiness of the number or embrace it. Since my word of the year is "Joy" embracing it seemed the best choice. This sketch is an idea, and it may move into my Atomic Project binder, or it may become a scrapbook page, I haven't really decided.

I love lists. They're fun. I use lists to keep myself straight at work, and I need to do them more at home. I love seeing other people's lists because I find new ideas or products I like. Fashion Police is an addiction of mine, because it is just a long list of what people are wearing, and fashion is a great place to see new trends. I also love those "best beauty products under $5" lists. Around the holidays, I pour over the best gifts for (men, women, kids) lists, and I love to critique the women's ones. For the most part, don't buy me that junk.

This list is a random snapshot of me today. My favorite, I want lobster. Seriously, I want some. Now. Please?? The wishful one, I'm buying a computer soon.

What would your list of 13 things be?



  1. I need to make random lists like this. Your blog posts have been so inspiring lately. Thank you for that! On a side note, I love your circles!