Product Review- 3M Advanced Tape Glider

I came to the 3M Advanced Tape Glider (ATG) party late. Again, I was still loyal to my Creative Memories adhesive tape runners, until they changed stuff and all mine did was gum up and tear paper.  Then, I was introduced to the ATG by my dear friend Heather, who let me use hers, and it was love.

I was surprised at how easy the thing was to use, and how quickly it laid down tape on large elements. It also showed great versatility at smaller elements. I purchased my own, waiting for a 50% off coupon, and it has been my only tape adhesive since. The tape is strong, which is apparent when I stick something in the wrong spot, and I end up ripping up paper underneath. Luckily, if I run a dab more tape, the error is my little secret! Of course, I love the hot pink color. The handle is comfortable, and the tape lasts a long time to other runners I have tried. Refills are available in regular and acid free.

The ATG is a behemoth, the thing could not be larger if it tried. It also can be pricy at stores, with the regular price coming in at just under $40. Refills vary in price depending on whether you choose the acid free version, and there are many crafty friends I know that group buy rolls to get the price way down. The first few times I put in the refills, it took me forever, so there is definitely a learning curve, but once I got it down, the change time is under 30 seconds.

Tape lasts
Ease of use

Inital cost

Overall 5/5


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