Product Review: Ohto graphic liner needle point drawing set

The Ohto graphic liner pen set is designed to give the feel and look of using art markers (think micron) in a ball point tip, which is less prone to breaking.

The pens write smoothly with a dark line, and offer a great range of widths, although there seems to be a large jump of line width between the 03 and 05 size.  The pen glides on paper, and there is no bleed through.
The ink is dark black, especially in the larger tip sizes and the line is smooth and controlled. The fine lines are some of the most precise I have seen, and would work well for an artist or writer who prefers a delicate line. I tend to like bold lines, so I grab the 05 and 10 most.

The Ohto set includes six pens in a zipper case:

 The set is around $15, and works well for drawing, sketching and hand lettering. the ink is archival safe and waterproof, although I can get some smear if I rub with a water brush.

The pen feel in hand is standard for the type, light with no ergonomic features.

Overall Rating:




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