It's not Cheating- or finding cheap supplies

In art and crafts, there is always a new product/gadget to spend money on.  I have a few items that aren't supposed to be craft supplies that I use all the time.

1. Nail files: I pick up the rough grit black nail files from Sally Beauty Supply.  They're under a buck, and washable, so if they gum up, I rinse them and they are as good as new. I use these to smooth edges, and distress paper.

2. Manicure set: Occasionally, Big Lots carries this little manicure kit.  I picked up mine for $6. It is a great distressing tool.

3. Bubble Wrap: If you need texture when painting, bubble wrap, foil, and cling wrap are all great options for adding some dimension. Just paint the wrap and use it like a stamp, crumple it first if it is the foil or cling wrap

4. Paper plates: These and sandwich baggies work great as palattes when I am painting just a small area, or decoupaging something.

5. Baby wipes: I use these to clean, to smudge, to lift color, and I seem to grab them every time I craft. 

What have you found that is thrifty?


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