Art Journaling- Free your Heart

Mixed Media, Free Your Heart, Venetia Holbrook 2013.

I've been meaning to play with art journaling for a while, and I finally made myself sit down and finish a page. What is an art journal?  Read this great post about how to make one at Daisy Yellow.  One of my 2013 goals is to finish an art journal.

If you are interested in Art Journaling, and you are a mixed media artist, or a scrapbooker, you will find you don't need much to start. Yes, I know that it is more fun to enable purchasing, and believe me, I plan to review more artsy supplies to enable your purchasing.

What do you need to start?
~A journal (you could use a box, or a sketchbook, or a used book.)
~Paper of some sort
~Acrylic Paints, stamps/stamp pads, ink, alcohol ink, watercolor, crayons, markers, colored pencils (ANY of these)
~Junk from around the house

I am going to share the creative process I used for this project. Since I play with hearts often, I decided to start with a heart theme. I have a crate of Authentique paper from  I dug out papers I liked, then I freehand cut the heart. I've sewn around hearts before and liked the look, so I hand stitched the edge and recut the heart to reshape it a little. Holding it against the background I decided it looked dull so I colored the heart with colored pencil. I wanted the grey background more colorful, but was feeling too lazy to pull out my acrylics, so I misted it pink. It looked like I over-misted, and I didn't like the result. So I added blue mist which blended into purple (a counter intuitive fix to over misting, but it works). I drew the corner motif on the bottom, used bubble wrap painted with acrylic to make the dots. To fill the extra space of the background, I tore paper to fill in the edges, glued it down, then tacked down the large piece of background paper. Once the background was ready, I placed the heart and decided it needed wings. I sketched the wings, and fussy cut them. Then, I decided on the title. Once that was all down the doodling  looked lonely, so I added more black, and finished with the white because it needed something else.

The result was this journal page.  Have you tried Art journaling?


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