Oh Yes! There's a sketch! Keep Reading!
My youngest is a Girly-girl. She adores pink and all things pretty. We call her the pink princess, and she lives up to it. I enjoy this because my oldest is not at all girly, so I know my youngest comes by it naturally, despite, not because of, her mother. Of course when Valentine's comes into play, the pinker the better. I decided to make her a beautiful Valentine for tomorrow.  Budge is so funny when she gets any sort of card or gift because she is always extremely positive and excited.

Phrases Budge says (Yes, she's three):
"This is an amazing gift"
"This is beautiful"
"Look at this wonderful card"

Here is my card for my very verbal, appreciative girl.  For you, I have shared the sketch in case you want to make your own Valentine!

On mine, I used any Pink Authentique paper I had in my stash.  I also used some flowers I picked up in the dollar bin at Michael's one trip.  I believe


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