Before & After- Scrapbook Sketch

My oldest, Cakes, decided she wanted to take her ponytails out one day, much to my horror she cut them out.  So she gave herself some awful version of an eighties mullet on a person who had not bathed in months look. I ended up cutting it myself because I didn't want to reward this sort of behavior.

Of course, when you have a child that makes an "interesting" choice, it makes for a fun scrapbook page. I used a mix of My Mind's Eye for this layout. When I was looking at my past few layouts, I noticed I used a lot of rectangles in my layouts, so I challenged myself to use some circles. (Again, finding inspiration by providing limits).

Above, is your sketch. As always have fun, and don't cut your own hair.



  1. Circles are awesome! I can attest. And boy howdy what a story! Is it bad that I think her hair is so cute after?

  2. Not bad at all! I was so glad it turned out cute after. I really struggled with what to with her.