Doodles, sketching to set the mind free

Sketching and doodling sets the mind free. Here is a photo of me killing time and playing with a pen in my sketchbook. nothing here is amazing, it is pretty much a hot mess. The lettering is awful, the designs squished and unbalanced, and overall it is just a technique dump. As atrocious as this is, the time and unattachment to the work develops skill, and allows me to play with creative ideas. See that rose in the middle? It evolved into the finished work I shared a week or so ago.  At the time I did this, I had no idea it would evolve. There was no expectation for an outcome. Letting go of having to make something allows you to create. 

 Not everything created is a masterpiece.  DaVinci, Picasso, and many great artists (if not all) had notebooks of ideas and sketches that developed into the finished works we are familiar with today.  If the notion of creating is only to complete something perfect, then creativity is lost.  Perfection is the role of machines, and factories.  The human spirit is comfortable with imperfection, and taking time to explore with no risk is an endeavor where the time spent brings volumes in the improvement of your creativity.  Play with techique, media, concepts, feelings, and energy.  Sit down, take 10 minutes, and just play. 


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