Layout- Born This Way

Born This Way by Lady Gaga was one of my youngest daughters first favorite songs. She would sing along in the car with her little voice, and be so happy singing the song. Then, she would wander around the house singing "I'm on the right track baby."

I know the theme of the song and Lady Gaga herself can be polarizing, but I was glad that my daughter found an anthem of self-acceptance for herself.  It is far too early to tell what she will be in the long run, but right now, she is definitely very much herself.

She has very strong opinions, and believes the world should exist in a certain way. Things must be done in a specific order, and when she plays, she is precise. If she is playing restaurant, the only things on the menu are what she says. One time I ordered lobster, and she told me "No. Lobsters are pinchy. You can't have that." Really??? Even in my daughter's imagination I am denied lobster?

I made the layout as a patchwork of things she loves: flowers, butterflies, pink, and polka dots. I adore the way that this has turned out. It is one of my favorite of all time.

I included the sketch. Just for you.



  1. I love this. Really, really love this. Your layouts are so purposeful and real. One of my favorites for sure. Thanks for the sketch. I just might! :)

  2. Aww, thank you! This one was a for-fun that turned out.