Product Review: Pilot V-Pen

The Pilot V-Pen Disposable Fountain Pen is one that I ordered to fuel my fascination with fountain pens. I associate them with the 1920's. Can't you just picture writing with your fountain pen as you wait for a car to pick you up in your long coat and short hair to socialize at the speakeasy? It's just me? Ok, well then...

In that case, the pilot V-Pen is a new favorite because it is the V-PEN!  I mean come on! That is practically naming it after me, which is an incredible honor, but I understand that we have to keep it on the down low so others are not jealous.


The V-Pen is going to set you back about $4, and there are several colors to choose from. The feel of the nib on paper is smooth, and the ink flows nicely.  There can be smudging, and if there is smudging that can be done, I can be trusted to make it happen (see right side of crosshatches). The ink can also bleed through, which is especially irritating in my new journal with the super thin paper.

Feel of ink/nib
Color of black

Smudge/Bleed Through

Overall 5/5 Best used for journaling, in a park, with a latte, while you wish you were at a speak easy enjoying  a sidecar.



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