Card- Glamorious

 I made this birthday card for my dear friend Heather. I had been saving this "Glamorious" embellishment since CKC Seattle, when I found it at a vendor.  When I picked up the packets with these little accents, the sales person informed me that they were so cheap because they were misprinted. So I ended up buying two because that's how my humor works.  I like made-up words and slang. I add syllables to words to make them sound fancier.  I AM GLAMORIOUS. And since Heather tolerates me, she gets to be glamorious too.

My humor also delights in the "She puts the "high" in maintenance" writing, because it is just wrong enough to be unclear whether they mean the pretty-princess-buy-me lots-of-things of "high" or maybe the illegal sort of "high". I am a dork because I deeply ponder what a misprinted made in China embellishment means.

Did you notice? The lady is nekkid except a bra- a nekkid lady card is awesome. Yes, I am juvenile. I own it.

A glamorious card deserves a little bling, so I added rhinestones, of course.  I also doodled up the envelope, because it made it much, much more glamorious.


  1. This is the most beautomious card I've ever seen! And the rhinestones? Enchantimous! Oh, so glamorious!

  2. Thanks ladies. I'm feeling very grafulious!!!