The Bic Mark-It is a great marker for general use.  The line is strong, and the black color is quite dark.  I appreciated the low odor of this marker, as it allows for longer use on a project without a headache from the fumes.  The grip is nice squishy, and the tip wears well.  Due to the amount of pressure I put on writing utensils, I tend to get that odd fuzz ball on the tip of my markers.  If you write like me, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you don't, then I might sound like a nutjob.              
This marker does have quite a bit of bleed through, which I expect with any marker, however if bleed through is a huge issue for you, then pass this bad boy by. I wouldn't use this as a daily marker, but it does give Sharpie, my favorite marker, a good go.  The color is super black, which I like. My Starbucks has retractable versions of these, which is pretty cool, especially if you are writing on stuff all day.
Bleed through
Overall Rating 3/5


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