Scrapbook Sketch- Target Tradition

My youngest loves Target, Costco, and the Craft Store. She loves the craft store because she knows if she says she wants to go there, she almost always can convince me to take her. Costco because she adores the free samples. Target, because they carry stuff like toys, and because they have these giant cement balls outside that she likes to stand upon. 

Every single time she goes, as soon as she get on the sidewalk, she runs full speed to the ball and tries to climb up to stand. She really can't do it herself, so one of us ends up putting her there.  This particular day, her outfit and the red balls were exceptionally cute. I snapped a picture while Daddy stood nearby, as to not endanger her fully.

I used Teresa Collins Fabricatons for this layout, again sticking to one line, mostly because the colors worked so well with the photos. The weight of the paper on this line and the colors are perfect for spring, or fun photos like this. I like the sweet memory this layout captured, since it will be not long before we can walk into Target normally. Until then, it's totally my kid standing on the ball.



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