What I am up to..

This week is spring break, and I had many notions of doing a ton of crafty things, however life had other things in mind.  Some good, some not, but I thought I'd share.

First, there was this:
Rebuilding the engine on the Honda. Super fun stuff. Hard work, let me tell you. As you can see, I have been an instrumental part of the rebuild. My technical skills are nothing less than astounding. I am great with wrenches or whatever that is that I am holding.

Well, maybe not. However, I am awesome comic relief, although my husband gets kind of scared when I dance around the car waving wrenches, posing, and poking stuff.  He'd disown me but I found the piston set he needed. I may be non-technical, but I can talk the game to the parts department. I can also find the right place to buy them, in the event a part is incorrect, like one piece in the set we bought. The place got it all squared away right away. *THANKS* Lincoln Auto Parts. Seriously, great guys there. Buy your bulbs, washer fluid, and whatever else there. They'll treat you right, especially if you tell them you know the crazy redhead chick with the Honda pistons.
Then, there was this. The easter bunny came, and I had to instruct my daughters in the ways of eating robins eggs. The correct way, if you are unschooled, is to lick the blue until it is a little wet, and then use it as lipstick. Robins egg blue is a very flattering color. Seriously, MAC should make some lipstick in this color. I'd wear the heck out of it.

Then, I made some more lovely pendants, which I am modeling here. Seriously, I love me some lomo filter. It smooths out my rosacea somethign awesome. I will specifiy that those are my real eyes. No color boost. Yes, my babies got those beauties from me, but they wear them better. Everything looks better on a youngster, except trashy clothes. Those don't look good on anyone. Seriously, be classy, it always looks better. Watch fashion police. It will teach you how to hover the line of trashy/classy.
Then, there was a little of this. It was nice and sunny this week, so there was a good excuse to remember the Colorado Rockies. Also, look at my manicure. So very pretty. I'll spare you the foot pics, because a lot of people get icked out by that. But hey, mani-pedi is always the right choice. Especially with a best friend and a coffee. Seriously, can I do that again?
There was some of this. A chef's tasting at a locally owned restaurant I love. The food was to die for. If you are by Tacoma Mall, eat at the Adriatic Grill. Ask Chef Bill what to order. If it is nice, sit on the western exposure patio. You won't know you aren't by the water.
Coming up soon, a layout, new supplies (inks, seriously cool!!)


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