Finished Sketch- Just Me

Journaling... "One of the very hardest things to learn in life is to love yourself without letting it go to your head." I wanted to document where I am in life for my girls, but get down to the real essence of where I am at. Focusing on what brings me joy has made me rethink of how I perceive myself. Self-confidence is a fine line. Not enough, and you dwell in self-hatred, too much, and you become self-involved, self-righteous, and self-centered. Learning to accept my flaws, and try to improve, as well as embracing my strengths has been a good process for me.

With this layout, I finished the sketch I started yesterday. As I figured, the way I chose to embellish changed the sketch quite a bit. I am happy that I picked a picture of myself, because I so rarely do that. The photo is from a hot day last summer when I was playing around with the phone. The color is off, but not filtered. I truly captured a moment of my life in July of last summer. I tried to incorporate things that represent me, hence the hand drawn title, flowers, bold title, and use of blacks and greys.

Here is the sketch in case you missed it yesterday.

Try documenting your own found truth. Have fun with it.



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