List fun- 5 Things Spring

Spring has so many possibilities, and I want to share my top 5 things for spring.

1. Plant a cutting garden. My youngest is all about picking flowers, and I need to get some annuals in so that she has plenty of fun this summer. She loves pink, so I think a nice grouping of Cosmos will be a good start. Time to drag out my Sunset Gardening book to pick some more.

2. Visit the farmer's market and local produce stand. I need to get back in the habit of visiting weekly and picking up some fresh, local vegetables. I really have gotten into an odd space with cooking. I need to fix it.

3. Drink coffee outdoors and watch the people go by. Since we adore coffee in our house, this is a good family event. We have a nice Starbucks near our house that is perfect for people watching on a sunny afternoon, and it is within walking distance for some extra exercise. There are always people walking by, and my girls love riding their bikes to coffee

4. Do something with my hair. For some reason,  haircut schedule got all messed up, and it has been 3 or so months since I have had a cut, and as you know, that is a long time for short hair, especially mine which grows fairly quickly. Suddenly, I have a cut that I can do a little with, and it is starting to wave and straighten nicely. What I really want is to try this Aveda cream that my friend Heather told me about. I also want to dye my hair candy apple red. I'm waiting for the end of spring for that one.

5. Clean my freaking house. I mean, spring clean it. Wash walls, and scrub blinds, and clean baseboards. I don't actually want to do this, but it needs to happen. Since I have to do it, I might pick up some new scents in my favorite cleaning supplies. Dr. Bronner's and Mrs. Meyers. I love both of these because they are earth friendly, which to me means kid friendly. I also like that they are concentrated and last a long time. Right now I have Basil in Mrs. Meyers, and Peppermint in Dr. Bronners. For fun, read the Dr. Bronners label. That is some crazy stuff on there. What's on your spring list? ~Venetia