Art Journal- fun

Art Journal Page- Joy, Venetia Holbrook 2013

I created this using Derwent Inktense Watercolor Ink Pencils. Right now, they are my new favorite fun tool. I love the vibrant color they create. I was having so much fun that I stepped outside of a self-imposed boundary.

I have disliked rainbows and rainbow colors for quite a while. Living in the Pacific Northwest, rainbows have long held a deep connection to LGBT (Gay Rights) issues. The rainbow here is a political statement, and I keep my politics close to my chest. I've avoided them for this reason. Don't confuse my avoidance with disdain for the issue, I just don't like advertisement for anything in general.

One thing I have learned, art is partially owned by the artist, but largely owned by the viewer. I see an exploration of color, but if you see a political statement, or joy, or something else, great! I put these things into the world so that others may enjoy them, and whatever you see is your activity in the process.

Much love on a Friday.



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