Magnolia, Drawing 2013.
Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to draw. Magnolias remind me of being very young in Mississippi. They are truly a southern flower, and something them makes me think of proper Southern culture and manners.
My grandmother had a huge fireplace with a Magnolia painting above the mantle. I always wanted my own to hang, but never got around to getting or making one. Of course now, the TV is above my mantle, so I would have to rethink my whole living room in order to continue to aspire to one over the mantle.
Sometimes, I really miss the south. The food, the manners, the culture. When I visit I love it, until I see fire ants, mosquitoes, and the other critters they worry about that I do not. I die of heat and sun exposure when I visit.  I also realize how liberal the northwest is compared to the south when I visit. It's funny, because I have evolved into an acclimated Pacific Northwesterner.


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