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Hi everyone! I am excited to share a fun tutorial for some great gifts you can make with your scrapbook paper.

Image wearing pendant

Like my necklace? I do, and I made it. This is one of those crafts that makes a great final product and is easy to do! Those are my favorite kind because they seem fancier than they really are. Pendants of this style are becoming poplar and some of them are quite spendy.

Since Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, I knew having a stash of pendants would be a good idea. I hope you like this tutorial and try it for yourself!

Supplies Needed:

  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Glaze
  • Glass
  • Pendant Trays
  • Super Adhesive
  • Brush or Cotton Swab

For mine, I used a 6×6 pad of from Crate Paper, Random collection. I also used 1-inch square glass and trays.

Image 1

First, arrange your tiles on the paper to get the fit that you like best. I wanted to use the floral images from this patterned paper so I placed and re-placed the tiles until I liked how the images looked.

How Tosday Make a Pendant  2

Next, place 5 drops of acrylic glaze on the glass. You need very little of the glaze. Place your tile on the paper and press firmly to remove any air from between the glass and the paper.

How Tosday Make a Pendant  3

Here you can see the cherry blossom has air pockets and the rose does not. Press until your tray has adhesive slightly oozing around the edges.

How Tosday Make a Pendant  4

Clean the oozing glaze with a brush or cotton swab. tip: if using a brush, clean it immediately unless you want to throw it away.

How Tosday Make a Pendant 6

tip: glue multiple pieces of glass at a time to save time. I placed several pieces on one sheet and some off kilter because of the design. It may look haphazard, but you will be getting rid of the excess paper.

How Tosday Make a Pendant  5

Now walk away. Go do something else. Make a cup of tea, check the Steals page, send me an email about how awesome this tutorial is, but go away. Fight the urge to touch or you will have a hot mess. You will be hearing me in our head, “She said have tea! Why did I rush?

When the glaze is dry, cut the paper off the glass as close as possible to the edge. tip: it will take at least two trims to get the edge nice and tight.

How Tosday Make a Pendant  7

Use your heavy duty adhesive to glue the glass to the tray. I use a glue dot made for jewelry.

How Tosday Make a Pendant Finished

That’s it! I hope you liked this how to. Happiness and cute jewelry to you


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