Scrapbook Steals Mid Week Mojo- Melodee's first back!!

I used to play along with the Mid-Week Mojos at Scrapbook religiously. Then, I decided to start doing my own thing. Well, Melodee is a dear friend, and I can't help but play along, because I adore her, and she is extremely talented. Here is my interpretation of this week's sketch:

My anniversary was last week, 4 whole years. Greg and I have had a rough go of stuff lately, and it just reminds me how much I adore him. Despite everything, we've kept our humor, our love, and the fun in our relationship. That is precious to me. I wanted to scrap a happy memory of ours, and commemorate this anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last... well they probably said way worse than that. In any case, happy anniversary love.

Here is the sketch from


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