4 things making me happy...

 Fires. I love spring and fall backyard fires. We call ours a bonfire, but it is teeny tiny, since we live in the city. The girls love to roast marshmallows and my husband and I like to poke it and watch it as dusk falls. I am not a huge sleep outside person, but I love campfires. This is a great compromise, and yes, we are careful, there is always water nearby, and the hose on.
 My oldest, wearing her Dr. Seuss bow from school. She's not a girly-girl, so this cracks me up. This one is rocking second grade, she's 50th best reader in the state, and a March student of the month. She tempers her awesome-ness by pulling stupid stunts in between, which makes it anybody's guess whether I am thrilled or furious with her at any given moment.
 Snuggly hoodies. It is getting to the time of year that an oversized hoodie is good enough for a coat, and that is one of my favorite things. I love hoodies. My husband never understood the allure until he got a hold of one, and now I have to watch out or he steals ones he likes from my stash.
This guy. Seriously. He rebuilt an engine on our car, he does laundry and dishes, and he is so funny. I adore him. He shaved off the goatie for summer, and I am not sure I am a fan again of the clean face yet. In any case, it is wonderful to have a great partner in this journey. I lucked out.

What's making you happy today?


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