Art Journal- with Hope

This is one of those pages that happened, not that I planned. I am not usually a huge hot air balloon fan, but for some reason, the print on this paper spoke to me for this page. I don't know if it is my hope that things are looking up, or the Richard Branson documentary I watched over the weekend. Apparently, Richard Branson took a hot air balloon across the ocean or the world or something. I suppose I wasn't paying that much attention.  There was a balloon, I am sure of that. Where inspiration started is hard to tell, but apparently, balloons stuck. They sure look pretty and light don't they? The thing with sketching, or journaling is that sometimes the flow can reveal what the mind is processing.

I've been pretty open in sharing the last little bit of time has been a little challenging for my family. I think that darkness shows through on the background. However, the lightness of the foreground pieces reflects where I am at today. I was a little surprised by the outcome, because I let my whim guide the page.



  1. Love it. The combination of the light blue and the red is so pretty.