Why are my reviews never bad?

Have you noticed my reviews are pretty favorable?
I usually am not compensated for my reviews. Jetpens.com  sent me a Stabilo Point .88 Fineliner and a Fisher Space Pen to review, and I reviewed them both (I should reblog the space pen, that was a fun test). I liked them. I have also been sent some scrapbook supplies for blog hops or guest post. However, I am usually reviewing something I have chosen and purchased on my own. How can you, my reader, tell? I always mention if something has been provided. I believe in transparency, so no glowing reviews for something just because it was free.

The thing is, since I purchase most of what I review, I pretty much like it. I am particular, and I do a certain amount of research before I purchase supplies. For the most part, I am moderately satisfied with things I choose, which is why I mostly rate between a 3-5.

There is the occasional purchase I end up loathing. The Sharpie Liquid Pencil was one. I could erase the ink with my finger, so if I moved my hand across the page, any marks were gone.  Useless pen. I didn't review it. It's junk, and I feel mean saying it because I've been a Sharpie fan forever.

Have you noticed I like links?
I link to things I am talking about, or things I like. They are not affiliate links (links where the blogger gets paid for click-throughs). The links are there because I am forever opening another window to Google a product or idea someone is discussing.

I link to stores that have provided me with good customer service, and that I frequent. I give them my money, I like them, and I want them to stay in business so I can keep giving them my money. I link Jetpens.com constantly, I also love highlighting my local hangouts.

I also like to give credit. If I reinterpret, steal, or borrow your idea intentionally, I will link to you and give credit. Sometimes, I like to post what I am looking at for inspiration. Those links are starting points in my thought process. I make a judgment call based on the process I use to create the item.  I feel transparency is respect.

I hope this helps you understand how I review, link and credit .



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