Rose Pendants

I didn't realize I was interested in making jewelry until I went to CKC in Seattle, and saw the booth for Craft Fantastic doing a make and take. I have a soft spot for decoupage and collage, so making altered tray pendants seemed like a natural fit. 

I didn't participate in the make and take because I was running out of time, and I didn't purchase at the show, I realized I was kicking myself a couple of weeks later and ordered from them online. I was shocked at how quickly the kit came, I ordered on a Wednesday, and had the supplies the Friday of the same week.

I used the tray pendant beginner's kit from Craft Fantastic to make these pendants, however I would recommend paying the extra $10 and getting the fantastic beginner's kit because it includes the chains which the tray pendant kit does not.

This project is stupid-easy, and turns out fantastic. Unlike some projects that look simple, but then have hidden techniques necessary to turn out perfect, these pendants are delightful to make, and the directions are included in the kit. I used my favorite floral print from a 6x6 Crate Paper "Random" pad. The kit includes a tube of Fantastic Glaze and Glue, which adheres the paper to the glass pendants, and jewelers dots, which adhere the decoupaged paper to the trays. I am quite impressed with the glaze, as it is quite thick, and easy to work with, although I did have to clean out my glaze tip with a pin to get it unclogged.  The glue dots seem strong, and look a lot easier to work with than the traditional glue used for these types of projects, which I have not tried. 

I also created a pendant that was a colored pencil drawing as a test, and it turned out nicely, so I am excited to play with more images to see what other effects I can create with this kit. 



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