Another Look Craft- Rosettes Valentine

I grew up in the south, and lived in Texas for most of elementary school.  Homecoming in Texas is a huge deal, unlike anywhere else I have lived. Grocery stores carry decorated items for the game, and businesses decorate to support the home team.  Homecoming mums are a Texan tradition that is difficult to explain. The link to the etsy site I've provided is an example of the extravagant, but homecoming mums are also sold in  grocery stores and floral shops.
As a young child, I longed for the fancy ribbons, shiny print, and pretty bows of these mums. I dreamed of high school and when I got to get a mum. Then we moved to the Pacific Northwest, where these don't exist, and I was forever denied a mum. I always mean to get one of these to appease my inner Texan, but haven't yet.
For these gifts, I made a version of the mums using Authentique Paper and May Arts Ribbon. I layered elements on the rosette as an adaptation of the mums. They turned out to be a fun décor project that was a nod to my childhood. I might even make an even bigger and sparklier one of my own. 


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