Valentine's Ideas- Decor

 I thought I would reshare some of my favorite Valentine's themed projects in the weeks leading up to the holiday, starting with the Kissing ball (or pomador) I made last year.  This is one of those projects that look amazing, is super simple to create, but consumes massive amounts of time.  I enjoyed making this, and I think that my 8 year old would be able to do this craft this year if we wanted to make special presents.

Styrofoam Form (could be a different shape)
Floral pins
Flower Shaped punches
Punch enough flowers to cover your shape well, and pin them onto your form.  It took about 300 for this 6in round ball, and I had double flowers, so it really was 600, but the flowers were about the size of a dime, so larger flowers would cover it quickly, which is what I would do if I were making this with the little one. As you can see above, shaping the flowers after you have covered the ball adds some gorgeous dimension and depth to the piece.


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