Roses for Monday

I have been playing with line and contour lately. My inspiration is Art Deco designs from the 1920's and these really large contrast paintings that were on the wall of my high school that had to have been painted in the late 1970's or early 1980's. I find Art Deco designs gorgeous, and the contrast paintings at my high school, I'll abide by not saying anything if I can't be nice.

It is fascinating how line and contrast interact. I have many pre-sketches of this work, and subtle differences in each bring a different feel to the image. Sorting out ideas in a sketchbook helped me put together the elements. I'm working on a post about how I use sketchbooks in art and scrapbooking later this week.


Stabilo Point .88 Fineliner
Bristol Paper


  1. You are such a talented artist! Seriously! I'm looking forward to the post about using sketchbooks.