This is what I do.

Hi! I'm Venetia. I do a ton of stuff here at Atomic Venetia.

I make altered items like this

I make art like this.

 I share my sketchbook like this.
 I share scrapbook sketches like this.
 I art journal like this.

 I review products and books like this.

 I make tutorials like this.

 This is me. I make stuff and write about stuff.

I like to think I am pretty cool, but I have a couple of minis that keep me in my place. See how unimpressive I am to her? She knows I am goofy, clumsy, and silly. If you aren't a follower of my blog, please join. I'd love the company.

~Take Care


  1. You are incredible. This post totally makes me smile. And that picture of B is PRICELESS.

  2. I do like the bracket idea. I know I will try it soon. Thanks for sharing.