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Hi everyone! Venetia Holbrook here, with an inexpensive way to mask your layouts for mists. I am all about saving money, because then I have more to spend on ScrapbookSteals. I used the tip I am going to share on this layout of my daughter.

How To Masking Image Layout

Growing up, every tissue box had to be covered. All of my relatives had handmade plastic needlework covers of varying designs. It was unseemly to have a nude tissue box. Imagine what the neighbors would think! My tissue box is inappropriately dressed, but the memory of these covers sparked an idea for me.

I looked at the plastic webbing used for this type of needlepoint, and I found there were pre-cut shapes available for less than $1.

I chose to use this circle shape.

How To Masking Image 1

tip: I kept the tag on mine, but it snips right off. If you leave it on, make sure it is off the page or the area sprayed will be tag shaped too.

Place your plastic mesh on the paper.

How To Masking Image 2

Spray to your heart’s content. When you are done spraying, you can rinse the mist right off the mesh in the sink. Dry the mesh off, and it is ready to use again.

How To Masking Image 3

tip: Make sure you know if your mist is water soluble. If it is, and you let the mist dry on the mesh, it will run and muddy your colors if you use another mist on it.

Mixing colors and re-placing the mat does create some fun effects, like this background.

How To Masking Image 4

I really hoped you liked this How To’s. There are other shapes of mesh available, so have fun playing with mists. Here is the final effect again.

How To Masking Image Layout

Thanks for reading!


  1. Brilliant and super economical idea...Love!!!

  2. Had to laugh at the naked tissue box comment.. yes, I grew up where naked tissue boxes, toilet rolls and other sundry items were the subject of possible neighbourhood horror and gossip too, LOL. Fantastic idea to use the mesh as a mask, I love your page :-)

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