Throwback Thursday

This is one of my favorite photos ever. This is my Great Uncle Joe, Great Uncle George, and Grandad (Calvin). This photo is in front of a covered wagon, and the original has a weird ghost kid left over from old-school pre-Photoshop photo editing. My granddad's family was very poor, and real life Oakies (like in "The Grapes of Wrath"). They left the dust bowl of Oklahoma during the depression and worked as sharecroppers in northern Texas. Joe, George, and Calvin stories were always riotous tall tales of their misadventures and near death experiences. Back in the day, it was fine to let your kids run free across the countryside, play at logging sites, and nearly kill themselves by knocking over stacked logs.  Of course, there was also stealing moonshine during prohibition, which of course their dad said he was "giving right back" to the owner. I miss hearing the many stories my granddad told, he was a masterful storyteller, and lived so many misadventures.


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