Monday's List: Getting Started with Art Journaling under $25

One of the questions that I see most often with art journaling is "What do I need to get started?" The lists of supplies can be extensive and pricey, which isn't resonable to just try something out. I decided to challenge myself and create a starter kit on a budget. He are my recommendations and justifications:

1.  Acrylic Paints
I'm choosing acrylic paints because they are the most versatile. You can create mists, washes, or build colors. Clean up is easy with acrylic.  This Golden Try Color set is a mixing set that is based on printer's colors. At $6, it is a great starter set. You could also pick up small tubes individually, just look for these types of colors so that they mix well.

To be cost-effective, you might start with a watercolor set. This Crayola set is under $3. To get the most out of watercolors, mist the pan with water and let it sit for 5 minutes. This allows the pigment to soften, and it allows you to get a richer color from inexpensive paints.

For free, you can ask someone who uses liquid watercolors to share a few dabs. Let the dabs dry in a tray, and you have created an custom dry watercolor set.

2. Paper
Spend your money here. In mixed media, light paper will warp and buckle. I abuse my art journals. I have run pages under the kitchen sink with the water on full blast. I love Bee Paper Super Journals.

3. Adhesive
A collage adhesive is helpful. Start with a small bottle to see if you like the brand. A 4oz bottle of Mod Podge is under $3. Personally, I prefer Collage Pauge. An 8 oz bottle lasts me months, and a sealant is not required.

4. Pens
These Uni-Balls write on everything. I have used them on many mixed media surfaces and they write beautifully. They also do not discolor when wet, which is important if you want to paint or mix over your ink. You can use any pen, but test it with the technique you are using first, to make sure the Pen won't bleed.

5. Brushes
I like synthetic brushes with acrylic and watercolor. I also use them for collage. Pick a set with a variety of brushes. A sponge brush is also helpful.

Paint Set: $5.99
Bee Paper: $6.65
Adhesive: $2.89
Pens: $2.25
Brush Set: $5.99

Total: $23.77

I hope this helps those of you looking to try Art Journaling.




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