SWAT- Drill 19

It is time for another SWAT drill! For drill #19, we are going to gobble till we wobble! Share a layout with a favorite recipe, or a food picture.

For my take, I shared my recipe for a great date night and a few beverages at the local Tiki bar.

To follow my recipe, find some good friends. I love adding adult time to date nights, so the conversation doesn't fall just to the kids! Of course, if you have children, a sitter is also a necessary ingredient. We also add a taxi or designated driver to our mix if we add my favorite ingredient, Handcrafted drinks.

Locally, we have several small distilleries, and many local spots that have turned away from commercial mixes and are creating mixed drinks from real ingredients. I love real juice and infused spirits. The craftsmanship in these drinks is incredible, and I adore the creations the local bartenders are creating.

To create this layout, I hand wrote the recipe card, and I kept my paper selections neutral to match the feel of the Instagram photos. I added a pop of color by pulling from the pink in the embellishments, and added a little sparkle with sequins.

Of course, all of us at SWAT want to see your creations! Share by linking to SWAT a creation with a recipe, or pictures of some of your favorite meals, and you are entered to win our prize for the month. I am excited to see what you create, and I hope to find some new favorites!



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