Drawing Gratitude

In November, many people focused on 30 days of gratitude, and I chose to do the same. Each day, I created a sketch of something for which I was grateful.  I’m going to share my list, and why I chose some of my items, as well as a few of my favorites.

I am grateful (for):

My pen collection- thanks mostly to finding jetpens.com and ordering $25 to get free shipping

Red coffee cups- I adore the change from the plain white Starbucks cups to the red holiday version something about the red cups makes me smile

My cozy slippers


Little feet- my littlest daughter is forever on tiptoe, and it is so sweet to watch

My husband


My oldest daughter’s eyes

My home

Feeling love

Clinique Redness Relief- I have rosacea, and this is one of the few things that doesn’t make it worse for me, and doesn’t sting if I use it,

Facebook- I love being able to talk with friends daily

Being able to cook

My fireplace

The buds on trees

No alarm days

Kleenex- it was the day of a funeral for an amazing young woman


Heather- my BFF who loves mustaches

Rainy Days

Long Weekends

The Thanksgiving Guests who joined us

Black Friday ads

Garden Gnomes- I jokingly call my husband a gnome, and collected them for years before we met

Cooper- my dog

R.E.M.- my favorite band, even though they are no longer a band

Solo Cups- they’re fun and handy

That I create   


Holiday Lights


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