Monday's List- Inspiration

I love lists. Today, I am sharing a list of five things currently inspiring me. 

1. R. H. Shumway's Catalog
I love the vintage drawings in their catalog. This illustrated catalog is full of line drawings that are absolutely gorgeous, which a great bonus when flipping through to plan a spring garden in the winter weather. I get a little giddy every time this catalog arrives in the mail. It is a wonderful winter treat.

2. Local Vintage Neon
Tacoma has a ton of vintage neon signs that I drive past daily. Here are a few I love every time I see them. For no apparent reason, I especially adore the Tavern sign. Something about the arrows, the weathered look, and the simplicity of the sign just makes me happy. 

I feel lucky to see these reminders of the past daily. My grandparents ran a fishing lodge that had a neon sign, and I am pretty sure my love for neon started there.

This book is gorgeous. Vintage lettering has an elegant simplicity that I find beautiful. 

This art style from the turn of the century is ornate, and many images have women at the center stage. I find these images inspiring because of the ornate detail and layers in the images.

I am adoring the metal work from Clifton Metal Works. He creates, builds and paints each piece by hand. In person the works are just stunning. They mix a industrial vibe with whimsy. I have a Clifton heart that I am absolutely in love with. 

<This is mine!!! Love.



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